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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I'd Like To Thank The (Really Gay) Academy...

We love everything about awards: the little gold statues, the drunken acceptances speeches, the Debbie Allen interpretive dance numbers. But we especially love being nominated -- Queer Verve has announced the 2007 GLBT Verve Awards Nominees, and Modern Fabulousity is nominated for Best Arts and Culture Blog! Woo hoody hoo hoo!
We're up against some formidable competition, including Fantastics Mag, Gayya Kuyusu, and LemonWade. So I am officially offering sexual favors in exchange for votes until the ballots close on December 17. That's right: vote for me today, and you can have wild, passionate sex...with Andy Towle. (What, you thought it'd be me? I'm a married man, fer chrissake. And Andy's a mensch, so I'm sure he'll help a brother out.)

In all seriousness: please vote. Free handjobs. From Perez Hilton. No kidding. And while you're there, pull the knob for our fellow nominees (and buddies) Four Four,
PopBytes, Towleroad, Scott-O-Rama, Jockohomo, Beautiful, Completely Naked, London Calling Luv, Hunk du Jour, American Urge, and Someone in a Tree.

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Blogger paul @ www.thezapping.com said...

ooo congratulations. Don't cry when you give you acceptance speech and then say "i promised i wouldn't do this!" and remember the little people when you are Perez Hilton proportions. Er, take that as you will!

12/5/07, 1:51 AM  
Anonymous Robbie from http://toonsntunes.wordpress.com said...

all appropriate votes have been cast!!! best of luck to you!!!

12/5/07, 8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I voted for you! Good luck.

12/6/07, 2:00 PM  
Anonymous Chris, Lead Hunkologist said...

You've got our vote too, thanks for the endorsement! =)

Chris & Doug
From Hunk du Jour

12/8/07, 12:40 PM  

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