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Thursday, December 27, 2007


Further Proof That Gays Love Drugs

Who knew that closeted 'mos Rock Hudson and Bea Arthur were such crackheads? [via The Daily Swarm]

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Blogger DBK said...

That was fun.

"Jivin' to Eddie Duchin was turnin' on!"

I love it.

Poppers...brings back memories. First time I ran across poppers (I've never tried them myself) was at Oil Can Harry's in San Francisco in 1978. I was visiting my older brother during the summer. I was twenty years old and my brother and I wanted to go to a bar and, although I was legal on the east coast, the drinking age on the left coast was twenty-one, so my brother suggested we (there were five or six of us...me being the youngest) go to Oil Can Harry's, a mixed gay/straight bar where they didn't look too closely at IDs. I borrowed an ID from a friend of his; it was a good thing nobody looked too closely at IDs because it was a photo ID. Not only didn't I look like his friend, but the ID showed Jeff's height at 6'4 and I'm 5'10". Anyway, we went in and were having a good time, dancing and sipping the odd drink or two, when I noticed this odd smell. I asked my brother if he smelled it and he explained to me about amyl nitrate. I was kind of curious to try it, but he said he didn't think it was all that great, so I never did try it, but you could see, and smell, guys popping amyls all night long on the dance floor.

'78 in San Francisco. Interesting place to be.

12/27/07, 10:41 AM  

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