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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Wonderful Wednesdays in the World of Television

Hello my American friends (what, do I look smug? Don't worry, our Canadian dollar is dropping again this week), why go out and have a life when there is such awesome television tonight? Pushing Daisies! Gossip Girl! Project Runway 4 BEGINS!!! What a near perfect lineup! (And if you can squeeze in Dirty Sexy Money somewhere in there? Or even Private Practice just to look at Paul Adelstein and Taye Diggs? Even better!)

Pushing Daisies returns tonight for an episode called "Bitches" and honestly, it is totally bitchin'! The benefit of living in Canada (other than universal health care, being born with an odd sense of humour, and everyone given a free bag of pot as they enter university... (kiddin, you have to pay for that yourself)) is that we get Pushing Daisies and Gossip Girl a day earlier to watch and rapt lovelies about but I'll keep the Pushing Daisies spoiler recap away from here today so you can enjoy Ned, Olive, Chuck and Emerson's adventures into the devious world of dog breeding and polygamy (yes, "Bitches" is about polygamy!) all to yourself (and your 4 wives/ husbands/ both). Ditto with the gossip on Gossip Girl with Dan and Serena's excellent dating adventures and Blair realises, GASP, Chuck may actually be falling for her. Love all the clichés this show hits! It's so laughably fun!

Then, It's TODAY!!! It's HERE! And it's VERY VERY QUEER!!! With the gayest lineup of competing designers EVER (and that's saying a LOT!) While I've been enjoying Project Runway Canada up here, I know most of you have been going through major Runway withdrawal and even though Tim Gunn had his own show this summer, it's just not the same. We want Tim with Heidi!

Here were ModFab's Project Runway 4 Fantasy Team picks, so I thought I would have a little fun with it too, with completely random picks totally based on who I thought didn't look flaky (relatively speaking of course) and who might survive the first week. Though I don't think my picks are criers and you totally get points for that too!

So who needs a life when Wednesdays have become so wonderful on television?! (At least for now and at least in America, Tuesdays in Canada cause you know, we are just slightly more forward). I hope you programmed your DVR/PVR/Tivo/VCR/Recordable DVD player!

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Blogger The Diva said...

So, so excited about Project Runway tonight. Just about 9 hours to go.

11/14/07, 12:58 PM  
Blogger paul @ www.thezapping.com said...

I continuously swoon for Pushing Daisies, it hasn't aired in UK yet but thanks to bittorrent, etc.... (I don't feel too guilty cos I know i will buy the dvd once its out) Ditto Gossip Girl, Penn Badgely is my latest guilty pleasure crush...

11/15/07, 3:45 AM  

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