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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wielded Power

Hi, I hate to be a downer with all this strike talk but just thought (while I wielded my power here at ModFab! har har har) I would bring attention to the TV Bloggers Strike happening over at my own site Tapeworthy, along with 20 other TV Bloggers (some big, some small and insignificant like mine). It's just a small gesture we wanted to make in support of the Writers Guild of America, and personally, my support for anybody related in the creative fields which deserves part of the financial cut for their works. Since I'm guessing ModFab readers probably lean towards supporting the arts rather than against (like many of the seemingly "red" comments linked in from the Drudge Reports on some of the articles pertaining to the strike), I urge you to sign the petition going on (which, yes, I know, usually does nothing but it's a start) and head towards United Hollywood and Deadline Hollywood for more news on the WGA strike and to see what else people can do in support of the writers (and by default, actors and directors who will be heading into similar negotiations in June 2008).

The bloggers in cooperation with United Hollywood are going to try to bring up more information and ideas of support in upcoming days that hopefully helps resolve the issues fairly (because turning off TV right now may not actually help as some have suggested. Turning off the reality TV they will be replacing our scripted shows with in February will. Plus not watching the episodes/websides online will help). Or least shows the corporate bigwigs that things need to change (especially those Fox guys who are still laughing with Idol all the way to the bank). To those who just abhor Hollywood, Broadway or any other entertainment because they are too busy hunting in their backyards, well, they are a lost cause anyways so I'm not even going to try.

I'd also just like to clarify that the WGA issues at hand do not just affect television, but include film writers as well. We will just see the effects on television faster (though not as fast as the Broadway strike which is immediate).

Anyways, if you completely disagree, blame me (Vance) and not ModFab. And yes, I know that we probably REALLY can't do anything that will affect anything but there's a little bit of Norma Rae in me that I like to bring out once in a while.

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Blogger Paul said...

i absolutely support the writers strike and associated support action. It's sad that is has come to this and it's sad (on a v selfish level) that i'm cut off from enjoying new episodes of Pushing Daisies... :(

11/14/07, 8:29 AM  

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