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Saturday, November 03, 2007


Survivor Goes All-Star (Again)

The two tribes on Survivor: China merged this week (and super-hunky James is sittin' pretty, walkin' around all musclebound-like in his tight, clingy black underwear...mmmm), but the REAL news on the show is happening far, far away....in Palau, where next spring's all-star edition is currently being recorded under a shroud of secrecy. The show has, of course, already had one all-star season; the new installment will only include contestants that have appeared since then (in seasons 9-15, basically). Who does that leave us with? A little good, and a little bad.

Among the ModFab favorites reportedly returning for the all-star edition are Coby, season 10's smart-assed gay guy (and friend of crazy Janu, who won't be participating); season 11's Lydia, the older Latina woman that everyone underestimated; the soft-spoken (but calculating) Cirie of Panama; the Cook Island's soft-core porn star Ozzy; and of course, the show's all-time superstar, Yau-Man, of the Fiji season. The others rumored cast members are:

Season 9 (Vanuatu): Eliza, Ami, and Julie (who is dating Jeff Probst)
Season 10 (Palau): Katie, Ian, and Jennifer (but sadly, no )
Season 11 (Guatemala): Judd (I smell a villain!), Gary
Season 12 (Panama): Terry, Shane (I smell a crazy!)
Season 13 (Cook Islands): Parvati, Jonathan
Season 14 (Fiji): Michelle
Season 15 (China): Courtney, James

Among the no-shows, I'll be missing most the dynamic duo of Bobby Jon and Stephenie of Vanuatu, crazy Mookie from Fiji, and my gay boys (Rafe of Palau and hottie Brad of Cook Islands). Who are you ready to see starve on a tropical island (for the second time)?



Blogger PoliVamp said...

God, they had to bring back Judd and Terry didn't they? Just to piss me off.

11/3/07, 12:41 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Well, Judd IS a great villain, and he can be relied on to create some entertaining television. I don't know about anyone else, but "It's a maletosterone thing" has stayed in MY lexicon.

Others I'd like to see who won't be there:

- Cao Boi Bui and Crazy Shane Powers (Cook Islands)

- Brian Corridan instead of Gary Hogeboom (Guatemala)

-Tom Westman (Palau)

-Scout Cloud Lee (Vanuatu)

The thing is, the guys are always more interesting than the women are on this show. Now that they do more recruiting from LA clubs, there are too many "aspiring models", and they all look alike.

11/4/07, 7:52 AM  

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