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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Stage Addiction: Marisa Tomei Is A Big Star, I Tell Ya! A Big Star!

Not much news to report from Broadway, thanks to the strike. So here's theatre-related bits from elsewhere:

- It might not mean much to cinephiles, but theatregoers across the globe should be jumping out of their seats by the announcement that In Bruges, the new comedy written and directed by award-winning playwright Martin McDonagh, will open the 2008 Sundance Film Festival in January. McDonagh is arguably the greatest European playwright of his thirtysomething generation, having penned The Beauty Queen of Leenane, The Pillowman, The Lieutenant of Inishmore and The Lonesome West, among others. His first film, the short Six Shooter (see it now), won an Oscar. In Bruges (here's the trailer), which stars Ralph Fiennes, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, "tells the story of hit men Ray and Ken, (Farrell and Gleeson, respectively) who, after a badly botched job in London, are ordered by their boss, Harry (Fiennes), to cool their heels in the bucolic city of Bruges, Belgium. Very much out of their comfort zones, the men find themselves drawn into increasingly dangerous entanglements with locals, tourists, and a film shoot. When their stay in Bruges takes a turn for the worst, Ray and Ken realize Harry may have plans for them other than a simple vacation." Sounds like Inishmore: Part Two, which is a huge compliment from me. If there was ever a reason to go to Utah, this is it.

- While Broadway strikes, the West End continues unabated; the Evening Standard Awards announced their 2007 nominations, giving much attention to Macbeth, the acclaimed revival starring Patrick Stewart that will transfer to B.A.M. here in February. (And in unrelated London news...did anyone see that Desperately Seeking Susan at the Novello yet?)

- I know we've talked about this already, but for what it's worth, Equus is locked and set for September 2008 on Broadway. And original players Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Richard Griffiths (The History Boys) are locked as well. And for all you boy-wizard fetishists, yes, Radcliffe will again be naked.

- Broadway, who needs ya? Downtown theatre has big movie-type stars for audiences to see, too! Case in point: Oscar winner Marisa Tomei (Before The Devil Knows You're Dead) is leading the cast of Oh The Humanity And Other Exclamations, which has its official opening this week at TriBeCa's Flea Theater. Oh wait, playwright Will Eno (Thom Pain, Based On Nothing), is changing the title at the last minute...to something that sounds almost exactly the same. Tomei is consistent, at least; she's following in a star-heavy tradition at the tiny venue, where recent seasons have also seen Sigourney Weaver and John Lithgow on the boards.

- Remember the good old days, when all of the theatres were open, stagehands were working, and we could make fun of clusterfuck casting like Tony Danza in The Producers? Las Vegas audiences can relive the magic this holiday season, as Danza extends his run in the casino-side musical until February 9. After that, nothing will be left for Western Civilization to do, except the apocalypse.

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Blogger paul @ www.thezapping.com said...

ooo i'm off to see Susan (with some trepidation) next week. I'll fill you in...

11/27/07, 1:23 AM  
Blogger NATHANIEL R said...

I was really hoping it'd be jamie bell rather than daniel radcliffe in equus. i shudder to think how fast it will sell out.

11/27/07, 7:33 AM  
Blogger Vance said...

Um, okay. Hairspray beat Parade at the ESA. I mean, I kinda knew it was going to happen but was I the only one who didn't love Hairspray? (yet, I loved the movie for some reason).

11/27/07, 11:49 AM  
Blogger TP said...

I'm not one to go see a show just because it features one or two hot men. Oh, wait, yes I would! Ralph Fiennes? Colin Farrell? And it's a good flick besides? Sign me up!

11/27/07, 11:53 AM  
Blogger DBK said...

That's interesting. Around my house, "He's good, but he's no Tony Danza" has a special meaning and always elicits general amusement.

Tony Danza as Max Bialystock. I'm not laughing with him.

11/27/07, 12:42 PM  
Anonymous Christopher (another one) said...

A good friend of mine just got back from London and saw 'Desperately..." and that's how badly he wanted to leave the theatre!

11/27/07, 5:35 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Yahoo! the strike is over! Whew. I get to see my beloved Spring Awakening again! And I'll get a chance to see August Osage in Dec! Wahoo!!!

11/28/07, 10:49 PM  

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