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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Stage Addiction - Guest Blogging During the Strike Edition

- Oh sure, I (Vance from Tapeworthy) finally get to take over Stage Addiction and Broadway shuts down because of the Theatre Stagehands strike that began Saturday. There's been so much coverage, all basically saying the same thing, but here's the list of Broadway shows that have closed since Saturday. Meanwhile Off-Broadway producers are foaming at the mouth trying to poach the poor tourists as they walk bewildered on Broadway. Meanwhile, the real impact of the Broadway strike is showing how important Broadway is to the energy and economy of New York City. Now maybe those diva's and drama queens might get some respect. The war between the producers and the stagehands is going so far that it may even affect the National Tours.

- Meanwhile, as many of our favorite shows go dark during the strike and the ticketholders are left scrambling for other things to do, our favorite horny kids from Spring Awakening entertained some of the people on the street Saturday night singing "Touch Me" with John Gallagher Jr. on ukulele!

- As for some good news, Off-Broadway show Fuerzabruta got an extension until next summer, while the small critical gem Speech & Debate got a two week extension that is already sold out.

- Well, you could watch television as a replacement for now, but with the WGA strike, new TV may not last very much longer. If it does though, our favorite fashionista's will be singing and dancing for us once again as Marc Shaiman will pen songs for an Ugly Betty musical at the end of this season (if it ever even happens). How great is that? If I could love this show anymore!

- Over in London where the shows still must go on, Parade garners an Evening Standard award nomination. Again, I highly recommend it.

- Meanwhile, the lucky Brits also get to enjoy John Barrowman on tour. Yum.

- Well, Young Frankenstein finally opened and remains open through the strike (the Hildon Theatre is under a separate contract with the striking union) to cash in on the exorbanant ticket prices. Reviews were kind at best, if at all, and none could really justify the $450 top priced ticket, and basically every review said it simply, it wasn't as good as The Producers (which I didn't think was that great to begin with). Here are a collection of the reviews from: NYTimes, Variety, Theatremania, NY post, and NYMag. Here is the Young Frankenstein video preview that can save you $450 to spend on a flight to Mexico where you can join ModFab and his tanning ass.

The cast also performed three songs on The Today Show (thanks for the tip Gil): "Roll in the Hay", "Together Again for the First Time", and "Transylvania Mania".

- Cry Baby started in La Jolla with Harriet Harris (Old Acquaintance), James Snyder (She's the Man, Bare: The Album) and Elizabeth Stanley (the recent revival of Company). Anybody out there in sunny California seen it yet?

- New musical Vanities to open on Broadway after a trial run in Pasadena. Actress Judith Ivey will direct the new musical by composer-lyricist David Kirshenbaum and Jack Heifner based on the hit Off-Broadway play which "chronicles the comic journey of three bubbly Texas teens from cheerleaders to sorority sisters to housewives, liberated women and beyond. This coming-of-age tale set in the '60s and '70s is a musical scrapbook of an era that had to be lived to be believed. Vanities offers a snapshot-sharp portrait of the lives, loves, disappointments, and dreams of best friends caught up in rapidly changing times." I'm slightly intrigued. Could be a campy romp or a huge disaster.

- In upcoming Broadway tragedies (or why a long strike can be a good thing):
Jessica Alba in Speed the Plow?, or Goonies the Musical? Oh brother... I may have to escape to Mexico too... and stay there...

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Anonymous will g said...

"Our favorite fashionista's will be singing and dancing for us ONCE AGAIN"??? Did I miss something?

11/13/07, 4:48 AM  
Anonymous Dave said...

I'm dying to know more about "Cry-Baby", because I absolutely love the movie but don't really see it working well as a stage-show. It was so camp and light on plot to begin with...

11/13/07, 8:51 AM  
Blogger Vance said...

For Ugly Betty, I sort of meant again because of last years Justin and their promo musical they performed on stage during the Fall TV Previews.

Yeah, as for Cry Baby, I'm intrigued and now waiting to hear back from anybody who has seen it.

11/13/07, 5:40 PM  

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