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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Project Runway: Now With 750% More Gay

I DVR'd the season premiere of Project Runway last week while in Mexico, and watched it upon my return. The new season reminds me why I love the show so, so much; it's a true talent showcase, it's impeccably put together, it's got phenomenal characters...and most importantly, it's queerer than having buttsex with The Village People. I think all of the male contestants this year are gay (except one, who felt the need to out himself as straight in the first five seconds of the show), and I'm already fond of four or five of them. Plus, where else can you hear Heidi Klum use the word "poo-ing" to describe the train of a freakishly unfortunate dress?

Here's the preview vid for tonight's episode. Watch, thrill, and tune in. And then come back here tomorrow and let us hear your thoughts!

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Blogger StinkyLulu said...

One nearly naked runway homo here...

But I must say I just want to smack that child with the hedgeclipper hair.

11/21/07, 9:07 AM  
Blogger FleshPresser said...

OK... here's what bugs me about this season in particular. And it's one of the main reasons that you actually like it.

One of the reasons I really liked past seasons of this show is that it didn't play to the stereotype that fashion designers are gay. It gathered a diversity of people, and I really liked that.

Do we really NEED a show on television telling us that fashion designers are gay? Isn't that just reinforcing something that doesn't need reinforcing?

Obviously, though, the producers learned their lessons well. They opted for cattiness and "personal drama" rather than letting the pressure and emotion of the challenges themselves rule the show.

I'm really not interested in this season - and it's not because I'm not gay and don't get it or anything. The initial seasons were more interesting to me specifically because of their diversity, and they seem to have lost that focus.

And that's a choice - not good or bad (it IS reality TV after all... we're not talking about the second coming of the genre or anything)... just a choice I don't find nearly as compelling.

11/21/07, 12:02 PM  
Blogger thombeau said...

I rarely watch TV, but make an exception for this show. Seeing it again reminded me of why I like it so much!

11/22/07, 10:07 PM  

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