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Sunday, November 18, 2007


Once Again In The Arctic Tundra Known As New York City...

Yep, I'm back. Sigh. I'd love to say that I'm glad to be back, but if you had 80-degree weather, nonstop sun, the most gorgeous beach in the hemisphere and (literally, I'm not kidding) gallons of margaritas at your disposal, you wouldn't want to come back either. I'll chat more later...I'm exhausted, having traveled nonstop yesterday. I'll gear up and share my adventures and get back to bizness tomorrow.

But first: how about a round of applause for my superb guest-bloggers, Tapeworthy and Stinkylulu? What a great week here at ModFab, what with the Broadway strike and Bare: A Pop Opera and TV coverage and George Hurrell's gorgeous photography and on and on and on and on? Thanks for showing me up, bitches! (Seriously, thanks...and let me know where I can send that handjob.)



Blogger savante said...

We have that! The sun, sand, sea but all i want is autumn and falling leaves :)

11/18/07, 7:16 PM  

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