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Saturday, November 03, 2007


The Next Great American Reality Show

Is it me or is Fox's American Idol spinoff, The Next Great American Band, really friggin' entertaining? I love the mix of acts, genres and styles, and fully five of the finalists (The Clark Brothers, Cliff Wagner and the Old #7, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, Franklin Bridge and Tres Bien!) are actually really talented. Yes, there are the gimmicks that the show's producers push ad nauseum -- A band of pre-teen rockers! An African-American rock group! An all-female punk act! -- and the judges are a sad disappointment. But I'm encouraged that the home viewing audience, in the first week of voting, kicked out the pretty-boy band who couldn't play (The Hatch) and the Matchbox 20 clone (the unfortunately named The Likes Of You). I'm still a little skeptical that voters will do the right thing (that teenage rock band is so adorable, you grandmother would enjoy their wailing!), but musically it's already shown some strength...and in the process, making Idol look like the pale, wan beauty pageant that it is.

And by the way, at this point, I think Franklin Bridge takes the big prize



Blogger Paul said...

oh i totally forgot this was on - i'll have to search the torrent sites for it. good to know that it's actually showcasing talent :) Unlike this years X Factor in the uk :(

11/4/07, 6:06 AM  

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