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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Monday (+ a Day) Man Scan

Since I've been such a downer, I thought I'd bring a little cheer with this late posting of the Monday Man Scan. (Also, mainly because ModFab had so carefully created it before he left running toward the Cabana Boys that I didn't want it to go to waste (and uh, I just finally figured out how to publish his posts, I'm a bit webtarded you see)). Anyways, enjoy:

[Photo]101 Boys: Marcel, Yinay and Dan
A Cause des Garcons: Nicolas and Arnaud
Beautiful: Jogging With The Stars
Beauty and the Bum: Mario's Yummy Bum
BÔ ボオ: Model a suivre
Butt Boys: Beach Butts
Cisoto Fotos: Marcus Patrick
Gym Fanatic: Casque d'or
Hans Is Great: Eye Candy
Hoodsworld: Cheaper Than Therapy
Les Ombres: Niko
Manwatch: Marcus Rezende
Queer Verve: Meet Sam Way

Here are a few more I've added:
The Daily Slab: Musclehunk Slabs
Get Ur Pantz On: Man in the Mirror
London Calling Luv: Random Boys All Wet
Norway Underwear Lovers: Cheers
Stunning Sexy Guys: Saturday Collection

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