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Monday, November 12, 2007


Monday Dandies

Greetings, darlings, StinkyLulu here (as long as ModFab is there).
'Tis MONDAY - normally, an occasion for some ManScanning (which may yet happen) - and StinkyLu's definitely feeling the Mondayness of it all. But just now, on my jaunt to get my morning sustenance, I encountered a lovely damsel. I asked how she was. She sparkled back with startling sincerity: "Dandy!" And I thought: "Well, I'm not feeling at all dandy, but that's a worthy goal if ever I've heard one." So, lovely ModFab reader, I've elected to share some recent links that make me feel just a little more dandy. May they do the same for you...
Have a dandy Monday, dear ones!



Blogger thombeau said...

That diaper bit is really making the rounds, and I find that rather...interesting, to say the least!

Thanks for the Fabulon plug!


11/12/07, 6:09 PM  

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