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Saturday, November 10, 2007


ModMusic: Seal's "System"

After a four-year absence that led to marriage (to Heidi Klum), fatherhood (two sons), and a separation from his longtime producer Trevor Horn (who oversaw his recordings to this point), one would expect the life changes to be palpably evident on his new album, System. Yet in fact, Seal has called this latest work a return to "classic Seal," a dance-oriented set of tunes that were produced by synth guru Stuart Price, best known as the force of nature behind Madonna's 2005 comeback album Confessions on a Dance Floor. In truth, System reflects Price's contributions even more than Seal's; the producer's signature nu-disco beats and fuzzy electronica are omnipresent, filling every second of available space underneath Seal's leatherworn voice and overreaching lyrics.

Unlike Madonna's frothy gems, however, System is surprisingly hook-free...not one tune or melody grabs the listener with significant force. This is especially troubling, given Seal's impressive list of unlikely classics, including "Kiss From A Rose," "Crazy," and "Killer." Here, the closest we get is the disc's opener, "If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face," which parses elements from previous Seal classics and smothers them inside glittering keyboard riffs. Disappointed? You don't know the half of it.

Watch The Video:
"System Teaser", Seal
"Don't Cry", Seal
Download (For One Week):
"If It's In My Mind, It's On My Face", Seal
"Amazing", Seal
Visit: Official Site, Elbo.ws, iTunes
Then Buy: System, Seal

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Blogger Tom said...

My mom has one of those Ronco Seal Systems.

11/9/07, 11:39 PM  

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