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Sunday, November 11, 2007


The Fabulous Network

Contributing to the commentary this week at Modern Fabulousity:

David S. feels the Finland groove
DBK asks a great question
JB celebrates a birthday (and yes, we like you, we really really like you)
The Film Experience chooses between Celia and Javier
johnna adams is BlindSquirrel - and, thus, a new superhero is borne!
lol gayporn's retirement money ran out - yay (totally nsfw)
Nick contemplates a full plate
paul has a thing for certain coffee cups
psyther overhears something priceless
polivamp instigates a pitchy meme, yea dawg
the slabber wonders about the lollipop of mediocrity (also totally nsfw)
toons 'n tunes has comic flashback 32
tp contemplates the connection between homeland security and "cheese food"
t$ is thinking about food
Vance finally visits the demon barber of Fleet Street



Blogger Paul said...

Boooooo i've been missed off :( I think it's cos i have been signed in with my google account (Paul) rather than my www.thezapping.com blogger account. Sniff :P

11/11/07, 10:30 AM  
Blogger StinkyLulu said...

That'd do it...
I put together the list and google wouldn't tell me who you were...

Sorry ;)

11/11/07, 8:33 PM  

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