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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Oscar-ology: The Award Season Begins

The first film awards of the year have announced their nominations...but don't get too excited. It's just the Gotham Awards, one of the least important and most self-absorbed of the bunch (and that's saying something). Honoring the year's best "independent" films, the group creamed their shorts for Sean Penn's self-important Into The Wild and the Nicole Kidman starrer Margot at the Wedding. The nominees are here.

Awards Race Notes:

- Although I'm Not There did manage a Best Feature nom, the cast didn't receive an ensemble nod...which could be a sign that the central gimmick of multiple Dylans isn't playing well.

- The already-defeaning buzz on Before The Devil Knows You're Dead and The Savages will grow with their Ensemble Performance nominations here.

- Surprises: Michael Moore's behemoth Sicko gets a Documentary nod from this normally esoteric group, and the group reached way back to give an Ensemble nod to the little-seen, better-than-you-think Talk To Me.

- Related: QTA rips Into The Wild a new one, and sneak peeks The Savages.

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