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Sunday, October 07, 2007


ModMusic: Jill Scott

If Ledisi is the future of neo-soul, then Jill Scott, whose latest CD The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Vol. 3 dropped last week, is the materfamilias. There's a comforting familiarity to Scott's grooves, many of which wouldn't have been out of place in the 1970's. The lyrical complexity of the poet-turned-vocalist sometimes extends beyond pop accessibility, but for R&B fans who like to think while we listen, it's merely a win-win situation.

There's always one song that jumps out at me after a first listen to a Jill Scott record. On her 2000 debut, Who Is Jill Scott?, it was the glorious romanticism of "The Way"; her 2004 follow-up Beautifully Human boasted the glorious anthem of self-esteem "Golden". This time out, the track for me comes nearly at the end of the record, a playful ditty called "Celibacy Blues", which cheekily celebrates, of all things, being horny as hell. It shows a maturation of Scott's palette, and demonstrates her uncanny ability to sing the things we're all thinking about. Delightful, laid-back afternoon listening for fall.

Watch The Video:
"Hate On Me", Jill Scott
"Golden", Jill Scott
"The Way", Jill Scott
Download (For One Week):
"Celibacy Blues", Jill Scott
"Hate On Me", Jill Scott
Visit: Official Site, Elbo.ws, MySpace
Then Buy: The Real Thing: Words and Sounds, Vol. 3, Jill Scott

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Blogger Michael Parsons said...

Must buy this album.
Love this woman

10/8/07, 11:15 AM  

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