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Monday, October 08, 2007


Five Things I Learned While Watching Into The Wild

1. Nathaniel (The Film Experience) and Joe (Low Resolution) are great movie buddies. They didn't once mention my incessant fidgeting, mild snoring or loud irritated sighs when we had to sit through (yet another) flashback sequence.

2. The problem with our overcommercialized, desensitized culture is its dispiriting lack of human truth and its obsession with material goods and dysfunctional relationships. This problem can be remedied, however, by trekking out alone into the Alaskan wilderness, living inside an abandoned bus (that apparently dropped out of the sky, since there are no roads), eating squirrels you kill yourself, swimming naked in arctic streams, and reading lots of bad poetry by dead Europeans.

3. Snow is pretty.

4. Snow on mountains is prettier. It makes Emile Hirsch get all teary-eyed at the beauty and wonder of it all.

5. Emile Hirsch can get teary-eyed at just about anything. He is also prone to holding his arms outstretched to invoke Christ imagery. Because he's Jesus, see.

6. Young, white, heterosexual American men can burn all their money, illegally kayak down canyon rivers, illegally cross the Mexican border, destroy their automobile, and avoid all adult responsibility without any repercussions of any kind. Because when they do it, it's sexy.

7. Contrary to the lessons we learned in Werner Herzog's film Grizzly Man, large bears will not always eat irritating hippie man-children. Damn shame.

8. Vince Vaughn is in this movie. He plays a simple country farmer from South Dakota. Try to stop laughing.

9. Even with less than two minutes of screen time total, Marcia Gay Harden can still find countless ways to overact.

10. When making a dinner salad out of berries and twigs found in the forest, make damn sure you know what you're doing.

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Anonymous Martha said...

Promise me Vince tells Emile that he's so money.

10/8/07, 12:46 PM  
Blogger Nick Davis said...

Yowza! I think the movie's way more aware that Chris' plan doesn't really work, and he sure disappoints a whole lotta people that the movie coaxes us to admire, despite the fact that the movie takes Chris' ideals seriously and plays up his own perceptions of the beauty around him. Obviously, I liked the movie more than you did, though I admit to having lots of good will built up from the book (which supplied lots of context that the movie doesn't necessarily).

I do, however, LOVE you for #9. I mean, I love you anyway, but #9 makes me love you MORE.

10/10/07, 2:46 AM  

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