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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Facebook and The Chosen Fab

In mere seconds, it happened. Without warning. Without pause. Last week, almost everyone I know -- without prior agreement, discussion or knowledge -- signed up for a Facebook page en masse. It was like an avalanche of Facebooks, smacking me in the face. Be my friend! Friend me! Poke me! Poke me! Poke me! Write on my wall!

I thought (momentarily) about bucking this newfound trend in my social clique...taking a stand and saying, No, I Will Not Poke You, But Thanks For Asking. But you know me, I'm a whore for the internet, and new shiny web toys intrigue me. So I now have a Facebook page, which you can view here. Yes, I know. I am pathetic.

But here's the important part! I've set up a group messageboard for Modern Fabulousity readers, where you can share thoughts, post time-wasting videos, and talk smack about K-Fed and Britney's parenting skills with your favorite blogfolk. The messageboard is part of my Facebook group, and it's called (drum roll please) The Chosen Fab. Soon, we'll be announcing upcoming social gatherings for readers there (one coming your way next week!) and other news of the fabulous. So go Facebook, and Poke Me, Biatches. Like the Borg, resistance is futile.

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Blogger Paul said...

it took me ages to get into facebook when i joined it, but it's kind of addictive. It is hard work though!

10/9/07, 1:48 AM  
Anonymous maw said...

i dont care that everyone is doing it-lump me in with ted kazinski you will have to drag me kickn and screaming to these "social sites" they just dont make sense to me.

ok i did set up a myspace page but i cant even find it ok? happy?

10/9/07, 12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have a facebook page and all, but its way confusing. vampires and zombies and writing on walls, oh my. and as for the "gift giving"--i don't have time for that b.s. christmas is stressful enough. *sigh*
xox, s.h.

10/10/07, 9:00 AM  
Blogger Age Appropriate said...

friends sent me invites to join Facebook so i finally gave in and joined, but it's such hard work! and what's with all this 'poking'? is that what the young people do these days?


10/10/07, 9:09 AM  

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