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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Blog The Vote: When Taxes Aren't Really Taxes

- Let's start off our new feature with some humor...because really, what else can you do but laugh at Senator Larry Craig at this point? I'm currently trying to decide which story is more hilarious -- his one-night-stand with a leather daddy or that he used campaign funds to hire lawyers for his ethics investigation. Gay or not, we can now at least be sure of one thing: Craig's a top, and probably a really bad lay.

- More gay fun was had this week over at the Obama camp, where a lack of background checks led to a mini-scandal with the LGBT community. But I think it's a big deal, personally. Can people of conscience continue to support Barack Obama, now that he's aligned himself with homophobic fundamentalists on his South Carolina gospel tour? Sadly -- and I say this as a onetime supporter of Obama -- I don't think so. True, Hillary and Edwards' records on LGBT issues are spotty at best. But as Rod2.0 points out so eloquently, Obama had numerous chances this week to make it right, and he simply chose not to. Obama's own argument that he may be better than the other guys rings both hollow and desperate, and his "big tent of ideas" defense only suggest that homophobia and sexism will have some kind of legitimacy in his administration. Combine this with his dismaying inert campaign in the last few weeks, and "the other guys" start to look a whole lot better. I'm not sure who ModFab will eventually endorse, but I'm certain Obama just lost me.

- Republicans complain incessantly about taxes -- Hillary Clinton's new health care plan, in fact, already has them crowing the old saws about rising costs and "socialized medicine" -- but the truth is, nobody sucks money from U.S. citizens better than the Bush Administration. It may not be a "tax" per se, but every man, woman and child will pay $8,000 per person for the disastrous war in Iraq by the time it's done. That's $2.4 trillion, at the very least. And let's not forget that we're also paying extra to corporate mercenaries to clean up our Middle East messes...$4 billion this year, in fact. It's only when sick poor kids need health care that Republican purse strings close up like a vise...that's "fiscal restraint." No new taxes? Fuck you, bitches.

- When 9/11 conspiracy theorists went bonkers in the audience on Real Time With Bill Maher last week, my first thought was "Ooooo! I can't wait to see what Jill writes about THIS!" And of course she didn't disappointment me, with a great assessment of conspiracy theory...and why, despite its value at times, it ends up being useless in the struggle against real corruption. (And by the way, kids, Bill Maher is not the enemy. He's a comedian with a loud mouth. Nothing more, nothing less.)

- The recent Zogby poll laid the facts bare: 50% of Americas say they will never, ever, ever vote for Hillary Clinton. And that sucks for her, but it's not quite the damning disaster it might sound like. Why? Because no one else is doing well either. 43% of Americans say they'll never vote for Giuliani, and 42% say the same for Romney and Edwards. All this poll really shows is the chasm-sized split in America these days...in the ballot booth a year from now, things may not be as black and white as they seem now.

- Other polls: Romney is sustaining his lead in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Modern Fabulousity's endorsements for the Democratic and Republican primaries will be announced December 1.

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Blogger J.D. said...

A.) Can someone PLEASE tell me what's so wrong with the ideas of communism? Of course, it is very unfortunate that in almost all it's forms thus far it's been mixed with either a dictatorship or a totalitarianism (there's a subtle difference). So... [insert "totalitarianism - communism = bush administration" jokes here]

B.) Well, I'm not paying that $8,000 for that waste of everything. I don't pay taxes. I can't drive. I can't go see Superbad by myself. I'm not even a legal person! I'm just a statistic! Hooray for childhood! [violently coughs] [softly] Dang it, not again.

10/27/07, 1:09 AM  
Blogger psyther said...

I understand the upset over Obama's latest campaign move, seemingly conflicting his actions and words. To think just because he became President that we'd all have equal rights is absurd. He's stated his beliefs time and time again, and that he'll fight for them. At the same time he cannot ignore the fact that homophobia runs rampant in the USA. I do not think he has admited that homophobia and sexism will hold any legitimacy; he has admited that he will acknowledge the prescence of these fundamentalists. It's ONE NATION. If he categorically refused to participate based on one outspoken man (and his legion), he would not be leading the example of unity. I am glad that Obama has stood up to this challenge. It demonstrates his courage to face his opponents and fight for human rights.

10/27/07, 12:05 PM  
Blogger ModFab said...

You can call it "unity", Psyther, if you want. But giving homophobia a place of legitimacy is not "unity" -- unless he also plans to have racists and sexists on the tour to promote your "one nation" ideal.

But the truth is: there are no Nazis or Klan members on the tour, or in the Obama campaign. It's only homophobes who are being given a spot. And that is, simply said, not acceptable to me or to anyone who believes in freedom for all people.

Has Donnie McClurkin got the right to preach whatever he wants? Sure he does, it's America. But do I have to vote for him via Obama? No, I certainly do not.

10/27/07, 12:11 PM  
Blogger Jill said...

Well, first of all, Hillary Clinton basically stole her health care plan from John Edwards, only hers is "Now with MORE involvement from the insurance companies that are my bread and butter!"

Also...I can't take credit for the conspiracy post -- that's all Melina's work, which is why I asked her to co-blog in the first place.

As you know, I subscribe to the LIHOP theory (which is very different from the MIHOP crap advocated by the 9/11 "truth"-types. My view is that this Administration knew the attacks were coming and they even had a pretty good idea of how they would be done (witness John Ashcroft being told not to take regularly scheduled airliners in the weeks prior to the attacks). Do I think they bargained for a disaster of this magnitude? No. I think they figured a few hundred casualties and they would have their Pearl Harbor -- and then it all went FUBAR. But of course the body count played even MORE into their hands.

There are many questions surrounding the events of that day, but disrupting Bill Maher's show is not the way to get them aired. And obsessing about 7 WTC is a waste of time. If anything, it was all those fuel tanks Rudy Giuliani put in there that made it collapse.

10/28/07, 8:02 PM  

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