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Monday, October 15, 2007


Blog Action Day

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Today, bloggers around the world are uniting to discuss what is unquestionably the most important issue facing humanity today - the environment. Every blogger will write differently, but all of us are hoping to have a major impact on those who read blogs...and hoping you'll join us in living more responsibly.

This doesn't mean you have to become a granola-eating, hemp-wearing, vegan-eating hybrid freak. One of the big lessons I learned during Live Earth last July is that there are millions of small ways you can affect the climate crisis and save the planet (here are 50 of them, for instance). Here at ModFab HQ, we've changed to CFL light bulbs, unplug our cellphone chargers, and use a low-flow shower head. At my day job, I got them to switch to recycled paper and now use a coffee mug instead of styrofoam. These aren't huge changes, but together they and other modifications make an enormous difference.

Your biggest impact, of course, is on your elected leaders. Vote Smart will tell you the environmental positions of your congressmen and senators, as well as give you contact information for their offices...if you're not happy with their record, it takes no time at all to email or call them and give them an earful. As we head into election season, notice that Clinton, Obama, Edwards, and the Republidiots have VERY different outlooks on green issues. If the next President doesn't protect the environment, we will face irrevocable damage for centuries to come.

Here are my ten favorite eco-blogs and sites, which I read daily. And I hope you'll also visit two organizations I've financially supported over the years, The Nature Conservancy and The Sierra Club. Enjoy!

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Blogger J.D. said...

Wait -- eating Vegans helps the environment? SIGN ME UP!! :)

10/15/07, 1:29 AM  

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