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Friday, October 12, 2007


The Best Awful Fabulous Terrible Download You'll Have All Week

A warning...if you're not familiar with the gaudy extravaganza that is Army of Lovers, you might want to ease into it. Here's two videos to get you started before you download the overbaked marvelousness below. As Tim Gunn would say...it's a lotta look.

Army of Lovers: Greatest Hits (download here)

I, personally, worship at their altar.



Blogger Paul said...

and what is not to worship. I crucify, crucify like my saviour!

ps - the resort you are off to looks bleeding gorgeous!

my word verification is okblow. Whatever you say :P

10/12/07, 2:35 AM  
Blogger JOE * to * HELL said...

i LOVED them back in the day

but how did they get a greatest hits??

10/12/07, 8:32 AM  

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