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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The Beginning of the End of Queer Eye

It's hard to remember how transformative Queer Eye was when it premiered...the idea of a gay men/straight men makeover show was controversial, groundbreaking, and surprisingly sweet. Fast-forward to today, when gays on TV are sooooo last year. The premiere of the final season of QE is tonight, and I'll be watching...and reliving the memories. Like when Jai was thin, when Carson was funny, and when Ted hadn't already moved on to Top Chef.

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Blogger Paul said...

wait! Jai got fat??

10/2/07, 12:43 AM  
Blogger Amber said...

When did Jai put on weight? Wow!

Haven't watched the show for years, although we LOVED it when it first came out. But after season two (I think?) we moved on. Eh, we're fickle like that. :)

In fact, my husband, who is a little homophobic at times *rolls eyes*, was so enthusiastic that he insisted we go buy "product" for him at Macy's after Kyan had recommended some brand of soap, shaving lotion, etc.

We lugged it all home and he used the stuff maybe two times, then it got tossed under his bathroom cabinets. And they are still there, actually. heheh

To be honest, I think he had a bit of a Man Crush on Kyan. HAH! :)

10/2/07, 11:57 AM  
Blogger DBK said...

I used to watch Queer Eye. It was just like any other television show when they start out. They're good, then the originality fades and they start to look for tricks to give the formula life (like doing a show with professional ballplayers), and then it disappears into the rubbish heap of television history. With sitcoms, the problems arise when the original writers run out of ideas and the hacks and/or hackery take over. With Queer Eye, the gimmicks started before the formula lost its appeal, but perhaps the stars lost their enthusiasm, since the show was so dependent on the stars quipping cleverly.

I didn't see it last night. It went right past me without notice. Instead, I read news on the Internet and talked with my spouse.

But I'll be watching Top Chef tonight and rooting for my gal Casey. Sorry, but Dale doesn't seem to have her moves, and Hung is just too much of a weasel for my taste.

10/3/07, 3:15 PM  

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