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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Stage Addiction: Kidnapping Kevin Kline and Other Worthwhile Endeavors

- Just as the freshmen began arriving this month for fall orientation at Columbia and NYU, the big stars on Broadway started dropping out like potheads after a physics final. Among the most disappointing absentees this week are Annette Bening (American Beauty), who has pulled out of her planned Spring 2008 Broadway engagement, and Randy Quaid (Independence Day), whose entire musical (Lone Star Love) is now going to close out of town in Seattle without setting foot in Manhattan. It's a shame...and even worse, Kevin Kline is still coming next month. Why couldn't he be the one to cancel? Can somebody stop him? Exorbitant bribes, kidnapping plans, and bomb threats are welcome.

- But even if Bening and Quaid are M.I.A., there's some lesser lights who might soften the blow for you. One of America's most talented supporting players, Brian Kerwin (Torch Song Trilogy, Roseanne), has joined the cast of August: Osage County. He's long been due for a Tony, and his participation makes this awards bait even tastier. Meanwhile, Off-Broadway audiences will finally get to see the acclaimed William Finn revue, Make Me A Song; after a long and arduous journey, it will begin previews at New World Stages next month. And if you're too depressed to go out, PBS will take care of your theatre needs...last February's vaunted L.A. production of Brecht and Weil's Mahagonny, starring Patti LuPone and Audra McDonald, will appear on "Great Performances" in December.

- Out in California, the first preview of the Broadway-bound musical A Catered Affair has been performed, and the first review of the show is an out-of-the-park rave. Of course, it's written by Harvey Fierstein, who is the show's writer and star. So it's fair and balanced.

- And speaking of raves: the London adaptation of Pedro Almodovar's All About My Mother has finally opened (see pics above), and ModFab blogbuddy Rod 2.0 summarizes the rave reviews in a great piece this week. He notes that in the reviews "Diana Rigg is heaped particular praise for taking the role of legendary actress Huma Rojo." Tonight, I'll be saying a special little prayer to Genesius, the patron saint of actors and the theatre, hoping that this show transfers this spring. (Annette Bening out, Diana Rigg and Almodovar in. Sounds like a fair trade to me!)

- First Brett Somers, now Marcel Marceau? God, why are you so cruel? When I need a wisecracking game show contestant or world-renowned mime, where am I supposed to go now?

- The official website for Young Frankenstein is now up and running. Insert your own tired, pathetic "It's alive!" joke here. And speaking of tired and pathetic, let's go back to the topic of Kevin Kline. I'm serious, we gotta stop him before Cyrano opens. We can't allow him to hurt innocent thousands with his overacting. Think of the poor, unwitting tourists who have no idea what they're getting into. Do it for the tourists, people. The tourists.

- Hey, are you interested in seeing the British sex farce Boeing-Boeing this spring if it comes to New York? Yeah, I didn't think so.

- Mark your calendars: only 265 days left until the Tony Awards. And only 230 days until the major award contenders open.

- And while you've got those calendars out, let me rock your world: Kiki and Herb. Carnegie Hall. The Return. Be there or fuck off, as Kiki would say.

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Anonymous toonsNtunes said...

remind me to tell you about my KiKi connection sometime...

9/25/07, 8:36 AM  
Blogger vance said...

Ooh. I love Brian Kerwin in Beggars and Choosers, then realised it's the same guy in Torch Song Trilogy! Love that!

I wish I loved All About My Mother (the play) more but I thought it started out AMAZINGLY in the first act, and then petered out under its own weight in the second. Still, ALL the actors were great, including Diana Rigg (no surprise there) and Lesley Manville (as Manuel, the mother). I'll also praise that they were able to someone convey the fluidity of the film onto the stage somehow. Just not the homerun I had hoped/expected so it might have been another case of high expectations too since the movie is one of my all-time favorites.

9/25/07, 10:08 AM  
Blogger T$ said...

thanks for the head's up on "all about my mother" - can not wait to see that. sounds amazing.

9/25/07, 7:08 PM  
Anonymous will g said...

Nrver have seen your boyfriend on stage, but I thought the skinny on Kevin was that his interpretations were too inward in the classics, At least that's how I remember the reviews. OOPS -- I just realized I've seen him on stsge MANY times. He's memorable too!

9/25/07, 11:06 PM  
Blogger JOE * to * HELL said...

good about annette bening! when will it be revealed the "she" was born a "he"?

9/26/07, 12:01 AM  
Anonymous Son of Agamemnon said...

Damnit! I was all set to audition for LONE STAR LOVE. I wonder why they decided to close out of town?

Somebody owes me an explanation. What's Randy Quaid's number?

9/27/07, 9:20 AM  

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