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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Stage Addiction: Heading To That Great Match Game In The Sky

I'd love to be all giddy and excited by the big headlines this week -- Mary-Louise Parker headed to Off-Broadway (with Sarah Ruhl, Anne Bogart and Kathleen Chalfant!), and South Pacific finally announcing its leads (Kelli O'Hara and super-hottie Paulo Szot) -- but I just can't. Because yesterday I lost one of my greatest heroines, a childhood icon who gave my youth some of its best memories...yes, I can't believe it either.

Brett Somers is dead.

I realize she a gazillion was years old, and even goddesses can't live forever. But I hoped she might buck the trend, and achieve immortality. Most of us under 40 know and love Brett for Match Game, but before that she was a Broadway belle (well, not really, but hey). I always thought she was like Elaine Stritch, only more talented and less drunk and bitter. So here's to you, Brett...I hope you and Charles Nelson Reilly are together and laughing your asses off, making heaven a much funnier place today than it was yesterday.

- What makes the pain of Brett's death easier to take? The idea that another divine goddess, Kristin Scott Thomas (The English Patient), will be on Broadway before the season ends. I'd watch her do anything. Chekhov will do. And if Chiwetel Ejiofor (Dirty Pretty Things) rejoins her for this West End transfer, I may orgasm uncontrollably. Stand back. I warned you.

- How do we get back at China for painting our cheap childrens' toys with poisoned lead paint? Force them to sit through Cameron Mackintosh musicals. That'll teach those bitches to mess with us.

- The Olivier-winning smash hit Jerry Springer: The Opera is finally coming to New York! And now, the buzzkill: it's only two performances, and it's a concert version at Carnegie Hall. Really, couldn't we do better than this, people?

- Next Monday Democratic hopeful Barack Obama will be at the New Amsterdam Theater for a funraiser entitled, cheekily enough, Barack on Broadway. The man himself will speak to the audience, joined by performances from Christine Ebersole (Grey Gardens), Marcia Gay Harden (Angels in America), Ruben Santiago Hudson (Lackawanna Blues), Kristen Johnson (The Women), Phylicia Rashad (A Raisin in the Sun), Jeffrey Wright (Topdog/Underdog) and the Broadway Inspirational Voices. The event will be directed by the one and only George C. Wolfe (Caroline, or Change), and feature readings from the works of some of America's greatest playwrights. In related news, Republican Mitt Romney will be hanging outside the stage door of Legally Blonde, trying to pick up a few new wives.

- BroadwayWorld.com says that Perez Hilton has the first pictures of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Of course, if you read Modern Fabulousity, you know that's a lie...because I had photos last week. Just another way that I am better than that other overweight bitchy queen blogger. (And I'm better in the sack, too.)

- One of the most acclaimed international ensembles in the world today, Poland's Gardzienice, arrive in New York October 4th for a limited run of their adaptation of Iphigenia at Aulis at LaMaMa. And if you have no idea who Gardzienice is, you should skip it. Strictly for theatre nerds like me. Trust me.

- What's that you say, Michael Reidel? There, at the end of your column? You mean to tell me that Claire Danes might actually suck in Pygmalion? That she's "struggling" in rehearsals? Oh, I never, ever would have expected that! Ever. A Hollywood actor, not being very good onstage? Who would have imagined?

- This week, the universe lost a legend. But then the universe found a forgotten Noel Coward play. Maybe life isn't so bad, after all.

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