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Sunday, September 16, 2007


ModMusic: Just Jack

I'll admit to being underwhelmed by the string of singles that preceded the release of Overtones, the sophomore release from the British DJ-turned-performer known as Just Jack. While many saw his style as genre-defying, I saw it as minimalist garage music, with lyrics that often verged on the adolescent and a rapping style that sounded unforgivingly Caucasian.

But his latest single, a collaboration with ModFab's beloved Kylie Minogue called "I Talk Too Much," was kicky enough to get me to listen to the entire disc...and I'm glad I did. Because the non-single tracks are, surprisingly enough, far superior to the gimmicky tricks of "Writer's Block" or "No Time". Take, for instance, the drifting ballad "Mourning Morning," which stretches Jack's syncopated rhythms across an exquisite guitar-and-violin arrangement. Even better is "Lost", whose lazy wah-wah trumpets sound like an update on film noir scores -- like New Orleans funk as envisioned by James Bond. There's gold among the hills of Overtones, and I encourage you to follow Kylie and me to the gold mine.

Watch The Video:
"No Time", Just Jack
"Glory Days", Just Jack
"Writer's Block", Just Jack
"Starz In Their Eyes", Just Jack
Download (For One Week):
"I Talk Too Much", Just Jack ft. Kylie Minogue
"Lost", Just Jack
Visit: Wikipedia, Official Site, Elbo.ws, MySpace
Then Buy: Overtones, Just Jack

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