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Sunday, September 09, 2007


ModMusic: Julia Fordham

I'm often asked what my favorite album of all time is. I don't really know the answer (or, more specifically, I have about 20 answers), but I do know what I think is the most beautiful album of all time. That would be Porcelain, the 1989 sophomore disc by the British pop-folk angel Julia Fordham. More versatile than Suzanne Vega, more accessible than Fiona Apple, and less fanciful than Tori Amos, Fordham made an early splash with her self-titled album in 1988. But it was Porcelain, which traded crunchy folk for lush jazz and sophisticated heartbreak, that remains the classic of her career.

To be fair, Fordham never had the lasting power of Vega, Apple, or Amos; to this day, her subsequent releases continue to be erratic affairs that alternate between seriousness and shlock. But just listen to the fragile lyrics of "Towerblock", about losing your emotional support, and realize that it's not just a song...it's a masterpiece. And anyone who's ever had an affair will be brought to tears by "Girlfriend," which captures the pain of secret love perfectly. Next time someone dumps you, give Porcelain a spin. It may not be everlasting love, but it's damn near close.

Watch The Video:
"Manhattan Skyline", Julia Fordham
"Porcelain (Live at House of Blues, 2004)", Julia Fordham
"Towerblock", Julia Fordham
"Your Lovely Face", Julia Fordham
"Girlfriend", Julia Fordham
Visit: Wikipedia, Official Site, MySpace
Then Buy: Porcelain, Julia Fordham

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