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Monday, September 03, 2007


Blogcrushing: The Best of the Week

- When Rich Juzwiak talks about America's Next Top Model...people listen. [FourFour]

- My guess is, it's pretty difficult to make a family-friendly movie musical. About a serial killer-slash-cannibal, that is. [Dark Horizons]

- Can it really be true that AllOfMP3, Russia's download-for-a-dime site, will soon be back up and running? And maybe even legal? [Idolator and Ars Technica]

- What should you buy me: the gold-plated computer mouse, the bling'd-out hearing aid, or the diamond encrusted saucepan? [Born Rich]

The difference between gays and straights boils down to this: if you're gay, you know what "Dieux du Stade" is. The 2008 version comes out tomorrow. [QueerVerve]

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