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Monday, September 24, 2007


Blogcrushing: The Best Blogs of the Week

It's not like The List Universe wasn't already my favorite new blog. But now that they've shared the recipe to the Big Mac, Coca-Cola, and KFC, I am their new love slave. [The List Universe]

William Shakespeare's signature sells at auction for $3 million. I'll sell mine to anyone who wants it for half that. [Luxist]

Galactica fans, prepare to lose your frakkin' mind: the premiere of the Razor movie is almost here. [My New Plaid Pants]

I've never been a big fan of Darren Hayes. But wow...his version of Madonna's "Ray Of Light" is really spectacular. [Electroqueer]

When I was a little gay child, I loved the Brady Bunch. I loved Greg, I loved Alice. And now that I know Marcia and Jan were having sex, I love it even more. [I Don't Like You In That Way]



Blogger Eric said...

Great blog! I added you to my blogroll. I'd appreciate it if you'd consider linking back.

Most blogs allow you to enter your blog url in a special field in the comment section. If the blog doesn't have that feature, then you will also need to put my url in the comment.

9/24/07, 3:33 AM  
Anonymous Son of Agamemnon said...

What is UP with this show? Mom and Greg were dating behind the scenes, Jan grew up to be a porn model, Dad was in the closet and bitter about getting a sexy paycheck while getting shut out of classical stage parts that he was trained to portray...and now this??

It's all so involved....

9/24/07, 10:14 AM  
Anonymous Electroqueer said...

Oooh 3 of my favourite things all in one blog post...Big Macs (although I haven't touched one in about 2 years), Battlestar Galactica (cannot wait for RAZOR) and Darren Hayes and his infamous armpit shot. It's all so MODFAB!

9/24/07, 11:47 AM  

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