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Friday, September 28, 2007


Annie Lennox Week: The Reviews Are In...

Rave reviews are pouring in for Annie's new album...including from our blogbuddies! Some samples:

Rolling Stone: "Songs of Mass Destruction does layer welcome muscle beneath the porcelain-smooth surface of Annie Lennox's voice. The result is an album that captures the range of her styles, from the rhythmically charged pop of her Eurythmics days to the haunted, longing ballads of her solo career." - Anthony DeCurtis

XO's Middle Eight: "
The most feminist piece of work Annie has ever done (and she's been a sexy suffragette for years now). Of any Annie Lennox album, this is also the one that sounds the most like Eurythmics. If it has a flaw, it's only that I could use one more spare ballad or electro number. The album is hopelessly catchy – the kind of CD you'll play straight through with no problem."

"Absolutely, a masterpiece; quite arguably, Lennox's best....the entire album of Songs of Mass Destruction declares a need for change, and asks us - each and every one of us - to open our eyes, to seek truth and justice, and to analyze the situations in our own lives." - Carly Hope Finseth

Amazon.co.uk: "Weaving artfully as ever around the contours of songs that suggest the worst--Lennox is world-wise and therefore maybe inevitably world-weary--she imparts gravity and grace in a voice as cloudless and surface-smooth as just-brewed mint tea." - Tammy La Gorce

Guardian: "Annie Lennox doesn't do light and fluffy. You either welcome the austerity of that three-octave voice - or run for the hills. Her fourth solo album is a wonderful brooding affair." - Liz Hoggard

Smart ReMarx: " Lennox entered the recording studio with producer Glen Ballard, who is still perhaps best known for his work on Jagged Little Pill. Songs of Mass Destruction is by far the loosest album Lennox has ever recorded, and it can't be a coincidence after working exclusively with Stephen Lipson for her three previous solo albums."

In Her Own Words, Part 3: Annie on her working relationship with new producer Glen Ballard. "I met Glen socially because he's friends with Dave Stewart. And I really liked him. I thought, this is somebody I can relate to. He's very sensitive, he's very intellectual, but in a very human kind of way."

Listening Booth: Nobody does ballads like this except Annie. "Fingernail Moon" is a brilliant new addition to her canon, so beautiful it sounds like liquid diamonds.

Annie Trivia Game: Congratulations to yesterday's winner, D.R. Clark of Takoma Park, MD!

To win today's free copy of Songs of Mass Destruction, email us your name, address, and the correct answer to the question below. We'll pick one lucky winner at random and announce them tomorrow!
Of her four Grammy Awards, Annie has won only one for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. What song did she win it for? Email your answer, name, and address now!
Tomorrow: Peace is just a word...Annie as activist.
Pre-Order: Songs of Mass Destruction, Annie Lennox
Pre-Order: Songs of Mass Destruction (Deluxe Edition)
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Blogger qta said...

YAY! I am moist with this great news.

9/28/07, 9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats D.R.! :) --shannon h.

9/28/07, 10:24 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

i am SOOOOOOOOOO excited about the release of this album!

Annie ROCKS!

9/28/07, 1:19 PM  

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