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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Annie Lennox Week Begins!

Songs of Mass Destruction, the latest album by Eurythmics vocalist, solo musician, activist, and visual artist Annie Lennox, is being released next Tuesday. To honor and celebrate one of the most enduring artists of our time, the house crew at Modern Fabulousity will be offering a post each day packed with goodies, leading up to the release. (I've listened to the entire album, and I can tell you: it's nothing short of astonshing.) Each day, you'll get Annie in her own words: an audio/video interview about her career, her creative approach, and the making of the new album! We'll also be giving away one copy of Songs of Mass Destruction every day in our "Annie Trivia" Game! Today's installments:

In Her Own Words, Part 1: Annie discusses the recording process of Destruction. "It was a whole new trip; I was starting from scratch so to speak, really reassessing tempos, reassessing how I'd approach things musically and how I was going to reintroduce that with a bunch of other musicians." Fascinating stuff.

Listening Booth: "Smithereens" is a soulful new midtempo number that recalls great Eurythmics tracks like "Angel" and "17 Again." But it also showcases a sophisticated pop hook that wouldn't be out of place in Melissa Etheridge's canon.

Annie Trivia Game: To win a free copy of Songs of Mass Destruction, email us your name, address, and the correct answer to the question below. We'll pick one lucky winner at random!
Eurythmics has recorded four songs with womens' names as the song titles, including "Belinda" (In The Garden), "Jennifer" (Sweet Dreams), "Julia" (1984), and "Sylvia" (We Too Are One). Only one song, however - a duet with Elvis Costello - featured a male name as the title. What was it? Email now!
Tomorrow: Sweet dreams, made of this...Lennox as icon.
Pre-Order: Songs of Mass Destruction, Annie Lennox
Pre-Order: Songs of Mass Destruction (Deluxe Edition), Annie Lennox
Pre-Order: Songs of Mass Destruction (iTunes), Annie Lennox

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Anonymous Mervin Malone Jr. said...

I feel you! I listened to the album today and it is nothing short of perfection!!!! Gotta love Annie Lennox!!!

9/26/07, 12:47 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

well bugger me backwards, i'm very excited about your annie lennox week. PS - i've decided your tag line "the world sucks, we kiss it better" may be the best ever.

9/26/07, 1:21 AM  
Blogger JB said...

I like that track quite a bit! Looking forward to the rest of Annie week!

9/26/07, 10:56 AM  
Blogger TP said...

Nice. I just pre-ordered the album, but I love trivia (I just suck at knowing any of it). Hooray for ModFab and Annie.

Oh, and I agree with Paul about the tagline!

9/26/07, 11:20 AM  

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