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Monday, August 20, 2007


New Survivor Beefcake!

Just under a month away from the new installment of Survivor -- a "historic" season based in China, supposedly the first time an American television show has ever been filmed entirely inside the country -- and the familiar sneak-peek at the cast has popped up at TV Guide. First surprise: they're already broken into tribes -- the Fei Long ("Flying Dragon") and the Zhan Hu ("Fighting Tiger"). Second surprise: a lot more hotties this time. (Not that Yao Man didn't have his appeal, but...) Although the cast photos are small, we're already fans of Fei Long's Aaron and James (far left and far right, above), as well as Zhan Hu's Erik and Michael, who is a parkour expert (kewl!). Maybe unlike Big Brother, some of these musclepups will avoid eviction for a while.



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