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Friday, August 03, 2007


I'd Like To Thank The (Really Gay) Academy...

boxI awoke this morning to discover that I've been nominated for another totally inconsequential yet delightfully witty award...and I'm emotionally damaged enough to feel a cheap swell of pride when these things happen. (Is there a name for that? "Awards Whore"? "Not Exactly A Webby, But It'll Do"?)

This one's cute as a button: the Flamingo Awards for Outstanding Gayness. I didn't realize one could actually excel at being homosexual. (Can we get it named an Olympic sport? Beijing in 2008, baby!) ModFab is nominated for Smartest Gay Culture Blog, and the vote's here. As usual, I'm nominated with blogfriends who are ten times my size in traffic; it's like being at the baths in the 70's, and I'm the skinny kid in a towel standing against the wall while the buff guys get all the action. But j'adore Rod 2.0, OMG, Oh La La Paris, and Towleroad, and I'm thrilled to be the 90-pound weakling in their badass gay gang.

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