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Monday, August 27, 2007


Blogcrushing: The Best Blogs of the Week

- Janice Dickinson would rather go naked than wear fur...as would her hunky male models. My kind of activism! [A Cause Des Garcons, Twice!]

- Ever the trendsetter, Madonna leaked her new song this week. It sounds exactly like Nelly Furtado. [Toons 'N Tunes]

- I realize it's early to prognosticate, but this trailer still looks like a Best Picture Winner to me. [Fimoculous]

- Oh Amy, Amy, Amy. Somehow in the back of our heads, we always knew naming a song "Rehab" was never going to turn out well. [Popbytes]

- The Supporting Actress Smackdown is on, and the collective has chosen rightly: the genius of Cloris Leachman. [StinkyLulu]

- The new movie Shoot 'Em Up has an online game you can play: the more bad guys you shoot, the more a woman strips for you. Which pretty much leaves me out of the target audience. [Stripshooter]

- Are they really making Tim Burton tone down the gore of Sweeney Todd? If there's no gore, what's the friggin' point?!?!?! [/Film]



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