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Monday, August 20, 2007


Blogcrushing: The Best Blogs of the Week

- Sex evangelist Alexyss K. Tylor is at it again...this time, the problems with society are male prostitutes, crack, and ass. [Lady Bunny]

- The new James Bond film begins pre-production. And with a chase through a European city, it sounds like they're picking up where Jason Bourne left off. [Dark Horizons]

- Who knew that the Transformers, R2D2, and the monster from Aliens were actually summer camp craft projects? [/Film]

- Luxury submarines: the new status symbol among the mega-rich. Yachts are soooo last year. [Born Rich]

- The end of my favorite web serial: the 20.07 screen grab. Can I steal it, now that you're done with it? [The Film Experience]

- High School Musical 2 sets a new record as the most-watched cable telecast of all time. Because the world just loves effeminate teen boys who pirouette while pretending to like girls. [Just Jared]



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