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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Big Brother Blogging: Pierced Nipples Are More Entertaining Than Amber

While I was personally upset that continued its march towards irrelevance -- HOH Jessica's boneheaded nominations on Sunday, the wasted opportunity of the Power of Veto last night -- I will say that Tapeworthy has found the single redeeming quality making the show worth watching: the tweaking of Eric's nipple ring. Now if she'd castrate him and Dick for being such chauvinist pigs (preferably with a dull kitchen knife), we'd have something going.

AND a coverage note: here in New York at least, this coming Thursday's episode is being pre-empted and shown at 1:35 in the morning. Which is far too late on a school night for me to recap. But I will be back to BBing on Sunday night, when I cover for the vacationing QTA. In the meantime, enjoy Tapeworthy's brilliant installment in our series...



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