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Sunday, July 01, 2007


The Universe Is Ours!

In my other life as a theatre director, my company's production of Charles Ludlam's Conquest of the Universe (at the OFF STAGE Festival) closed last night, and if you missed it...you really missed out! The festival was an OBIE Award-winning experiment in street theatre (24 shows, 80 actors, a 2-hour walking tour!), and it ended up being a sprawling, trashy, thrillingly low-rent experience. Each night, on the corner of Bowery and 4th in the East Village, my cast met -- an intrepid group of interstellar drag queens, kabuki maids and glitter kings -- and held court on the streets of New York, battling the equally fabulous Barbarella-meets-Xena cast of Chris Mirto's version.

In addition to across-the-board rave reviews for the event, we enjoyed the Bowery's gawking tour buses, overly sexual homeless people, threats of rain, Canadian honeymooners, tranny chasers, Gay Pride celebrants, and more drunk NYU frat boys than one should ever see in one lifetime. But we also had over 1,000 enthusiastic audience members who laughed, screamed, and clapped along with our zany street theatre. You can see more photos of the show, if you're intrigued, by visiting MadShag (click the "Past" tab).



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