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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Stage Addiction:On The Subject of Quaids, We Vastly Prefer Dennis

- Randy Quaid: Live on Broadway. Um, yeah. This is what we've been reduced to, people. Randy friggin' Quaid. (Actually, it's even worse...a country-and-western version of Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor...and it's a musical. Randy friggin' Quaid SINGS.) And while Love Star Love is making plans for its November bow at the Belasco (and its out-of-town tryout in Seattle), Hollywood is continuing to rape and pillage Broadway for its women: first Audra McDonald left to do the Gray's Anatomy spinoff, and now multiple-Tony winner Cherry Jones is going to star as the President of the United States on the next season of 24. Damnit...first they inflict Quaid upon us theatre folk, and now I also have to watch Kiefer Sutherland overact all year. There's no justice, I tell ya.

- This is a 2-for-1 item: a bona fide encounter with a star, plus major embarrassment for ModFab! Yay! So you've probably heard the serious good buzz on the in-the-works musical adaptation of 9 To 5, with a score by none other than Dolly Parton herself. What you may not know is that your humble editor works in the building where the workshops have been held...and a couple of weeks ago, I bumped into Ms. Parton, literally, in the elevator. She is incredibly tiny (5 feet tall, maybe?) and was working a flawless white pantsuit and cute shoes. As I work on the 3rd floor and she was headed higher, I only had time to manage a fumbled "OhmygodMizPartonIloveyousomuchthankyoufordoingallyoudoforgaypeople" before she patted me on the arm and said, "It's alright honey, breathe." And just like that (poof)...she was gone.

- The New York Innovative Theate Awards, celebrating the best of Off-Off-Broadway (or at least the shows that bother to participate), announced their 2007 nominations this week. It's an odd list (probably by design), but there are some real gems there. Personally, we'd like to give kudos to ModFab friends Rob Urbinati and Davis McCallum, the writer and director of the acclaimed West Moon Street, for their multiple nods...and Qui Nguyen, who rocked the choreography in The Kung Fu Importance of Being Earnest.

- It's almost here!

- ModFabber and erstwhile Pop on the Rocks blogger Damian emailed us about his latest theatrical project in Philadelphia, and it sounds so marvelous that we have to share. Full House: LIVE! is a recreation of America's favorite bad sitcom brought to life, complete with live music, a cash bar and a cheesy laugh track. Expect some drag and some very uncomfortable moments between Uncle Jesse and Michelle. Eskimo kisses. Ewww. For only $5, you can experience it this Saturday at the historic Plays and Players Theater at 10 PM. And let me know if you go!

This is truly a labor of love, so I thought why not exploit the blogosphere and try and get the word out. I'm sure you have some Philadelphia readers and maybe even some bored New Yorkers who could use a little Dave Coulier fun making.

Our tragic website is www.myspace.com/FullHouseLive (Hey. We're poor. Don't judge.)

Hope this tickles you and finds its way to your blog. If not we'll still read but maybe not as enthusiastically ;)

- It's about time someone just came out and said it: the telecast of the Tonys sucks. The person calling bullshit on the ceremony? CBS honcho Les Moonves, who has told the American Theatre Wing to put on a better show...or resign themselves to showing their weak shtick on basic cable somewhere.

- Hey. A new production of Guess Who's Coming To Dinner is coming to Broadway. Sometime. In the future. As is a version of Flashdance. Sometime. Maybe soon. Maybe not. Just thought you'd like to know. Don't you just love producers who "announce" stuff like this? What they're really saying is "We don't have the money ourselves, but if anyone wants to step forward with some financing, we have a great idea for a show..."

- The downtown geniuses at The Civilians seem to have a super-sized hit on their hands. Guess I better get in line and grab a ticket (anyone seen it yet?).

- Margaret Cho is doing live burlesque for four weeks in September at The Zipper. Doesn't that sound like an idea someone should have had long before now? Perfect marriage of performer and medium. (And speaking of perfect, Tony nominee Nancy Opel -- best known for her hilarious work in Urinetown and Fiddler on the Roof -- is going to play the title role in The Drowsy Chaperone's national tour. Could their be anybody more spot-on for this part?)

- And finally, a little theatre-slash-movie gossip: acclaimed screenwriter Michael Tolkin has been tagged to write the script for Rob Marshall's film version of Nine. The bigger question: why hasn't Antonio Banderas been signed yet? (The answer: because Marshall would rather have George Clooney.)

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