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Sunday, July 22, 2007


ModMusic: Here Comes The Bride...

Our favorite disco transdiva, Pete Burns of the seminal 80's disco outfit Dead Or Alive, took the leap two weeks ago and got married to longtime partner Michael Simpson. To celebrate, we thought we'd revisit the love songs of DOA...which is not exactly an easy thing to do. Everyone knows the tongue-in-cheek smirk of "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" is not merely metaphoric; if you think a minute, you'll realize the lyric you've been singing since high school has a second, more vivid meaning. Their other worldwide smash, "Brand New Lover", is hardly appropriate for a wedding. When you're marrying the old lover, it's best not to bring up the prospect of trading in at a later date.

So to celebrate the joyous occasion, I'm going with two lesser-known favorites: the remix of "In Too Deep", which may just be the most passive-aggressive love song in history ("I'm in too deep/There's no getting out of it"), and "Then I Met U", a swirling disco throwback found on the 1990 album Fan The Flame, Pt. 1, which was only released in Japan if I'm not mistaken. Enjoy the thumping beats with someone you love...

Watch The Wedding Videos:
"You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (2003 Version)", Dead Or Alive
"Lover Come Back To Me (Live In Japan 2003)", Dead Or Alive
"I'll Save You All My Kisses", Dead Or Alive
"Your Sweetness Is My Weakness", Dead Or Alive
"In Too Deep (Remix)", Dead Or Alive
"Then I Met U", Dead Or Alive
Visit: Official Site, MySpace
Then Pre-Order: Evolution: The Hits, Dead Or Alive

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