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Sunday, July 29, 2007


ModMusic: Calvin Harris

If you've been anywhere near MySpace or YouTube this summer, you've undoubtedly heard Calvin Harris, the British electro whiz who catapulted into next-big-thing status with the infectious ditty "Acceptable in the 80's". His debut CD, cheekily called I Invited Disco, will hit U.S. iPods everywhere on September 4th.

Okay, so yes, maybe he didn't actually invent disco, but he certainly dusted disco off and had a bit of fun with the old girl. With the catchy bleeps and drum machines of early New Wave mixed with the contemporary sensbilities of Mark Ronson, Calvin's songs and videos exhibit a smart-assed sense of frivolity -- check the lyrics to "Merrymaking at My Place" or the faux Barry White-like groove of "Love Souvenir", and you'll quickly realize that there's a nerdy-chic DJ at the wheel of this particular DeLorean. While I doubt this record will be a classic for the ages, there's always something to be said for merely having fun. And Calvin Harris is having it in spades.

Watch The Videos:
"Acceptable in the 80's", Calvin Harris
"The Girls", Calvin Harris
"Merrymaking at My Place", Calvin Harris
"Acceptable in the 80's", Calvin Harris
"Love Souvenir", Calvin Harris
"Electro Man", Calvin Harris
Visit: Official Site, MySpace
Then Pre-Order: I Invented Disco, Calvin Harris

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