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Saturday, July 07, 2007


Living Live Earth

It's 1:30 in the morning, and I'm watching some band called Eskimo Joe rock the first Live Earth concert in Sydney. It's a wonderful moment...and not just because of the technology, or because it vicariously allows me to pretend I'm Australian. It's a moment where you feel that music might still mean something. Maybe the youth of the world will rise up and save this planet that their greedy parents are intent on destroying. Can I be hopeful, just for a minute? Is social activism dead, or are there people who still care?

Watch the music, but don't stop there. Take the Live Earth Pledge...an eminently sensible document. And here's how to start acting up in your own life with some simple tasks. I decided long ago that the environment was going to be the defining issue for my vote in 2008, and I'll continue to place a priority on it as I decide between the candidates. I hope you'll take it seriously, too.

UPDATE: After reading Damion's post this morning on the subject, I decided I had to be brave enough to take their quiz and learn my ecological footprint score. I was shocked to learn that it was this low...because I'm terrible at recycling, etc., and I know that Damion is more aware on these issues than I am. The difference, I think? I have a tiny apartment, and I don't have a car (thanks to living in NYC, where owning one isn't useful). But lord, getting rid of a car (or buying a Prius) can change so much! Wow!

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