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Friday, July 20, 2007


Big Brother Trifecta: STD-Riddled Gays and Small Town Bigots, Unite!

After some of the most boneheaded game play in Big Brother history -- Jen not only blew the opportunities of winning Head of Household, but put a target on her back as garishly bright as her stupid red unitard -- it looks obvious as to who will be going next. But hey, that's next week's storyline. We've still got an elimination to go! Namely, the showdown of Evil Dick (who Jessica kindly tells us "farts all the time") and HomoJoeJoe (who "lies to everyone"). Farts, lies...it's going to be a close vote!

As last night's episode began, however, it wasn't much of a battle; Joe embarrassed himself by running around shamelessly begging for votes. But running to his aid was a most surprising helper: noted homophobe Kail, who worried that Evil Dick would target her alliance if he stayed. Her campaigning for his ouster came to E.D.'s attention, who decided to call her out publicly. As taunts go, "You're a liar" doesn't have the same zing as "You gave me gonorrhea." But it's still fun, especially since it makes Kail squirm like the bigot she is.

All hail the Chenbot! After she chatted about bullshit with the cast live, her first taped segment of the episode focused on the big gay drama between Dustin and Joe. As we've all heard over and over (and over), Joe slept with Dustin's best friend to get back at him. So guess who Chenbot interviews! Yes! The slutty best friend! (The guy isn't all that cute, and kind of looks like Joe and Dustin's love child...with really big ears and bad hair.) For the record, he's totally on Dustin's side -- discussing the dish, he basically called Joe a pathological liar and a whore ("Joe could have gotten gonorrhea anywhere"). See you at the baths later, beeyatch!

The vote went down in interesting fashion: everyone voted HomoJoeJoe to go-go...except Kail, whose man slaves went against her and left it alone. Joe was all smiles and hugs as he left (skipping Dustin...Joe's got to be a bastard all the way the end, right?). In his interview with the Chenbot, Joe was all fake smiles and innuendo. He did, at least, admit that he got outplayed. I know I should be sadder that one of the gays is out, but strangely, I can't muster up any tears.

On to the Head of Household competition: as the Unitard looked on, the houseguests engaged in a true-or-false challenge about events in the house. With only two weeks' history to sort through, it wasn't exactly a brain strain. Nevertheless, it ended up being a three-way contest between Evil Dick, daughter Daniele, and Kail's manbitch Mike. By guessing the number of hours Jen has been wearing that stinky unitard, the new Head of Household was named...and payback is a bitch. Evil Dick now rules the roost, and let all bimbos and himbos tremble in fear!

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