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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Big Brother Blogging: Slap The Lips Off Your Face!

Tomorrow night launches the eighth season of Big Brother, ModFab's favorite rats-in-a-cage reality show...where the rats are buff L.A. types and the cage is a tricked-out palace lacking only a TV. We're longtime fans; watching people slowly go crazy from confinement is always fun, but Big Brother amps it up with way stupid "challenges" in the back yard, cool-kid politics to see who is the lord of the flies head of household, and of course...The ChenBot. Host Julie Chen's inability to move her facial muscles must be seen to be believed. Trust me.

This season, we're joining forces with two of our favorite culture blogs -- D.C.'s own Queering The Apparatus and Tapeworthy from Toronto -- to present a summer-long series, Big Brother Blogging. The morning after each televised episode (on 3 times a week!), one of us will recap, dissect, bitch, complain, and scandalize for your reading pleasure. A new summer tradition!

What's in store this season? Besides the whorishly styled new digs (on display at left), each of the new Houseguests has a longtime enemy in the House with them...but they don't know it yet! Priceless! We're ready for some serious backstabbing drama. The cast details are interesting; we especially love the Dad who called his daughter a bitch and wanted to slap her lips off her face...and the brother who didn't tell either of them they'd soon reunite on national television. This season also has a videogame-like interactive feature -- "America's Player", whose actions viewers control in the House via a nationwide vote. I hope one of the choices is "masturbate." Yay, masturbate! Masturbate now! Right now!

Tomorrow, the first post gets underway right here. Then each week, you can visit QTA (Sundays), Tapeworthy (Tuesdays) or ModFab (Thursdays) for your Big Brother fix. Let the battle begin! To paraphrase the immortal words of Jannelle, we're here to crush dreams. Bye bye bitches!

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