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Monday, June 04, 2007


The Swing of Things

Thanks to my quick split outta town last week, I am TOTALLY out of touch with the universe -- no news or media for 8 days! -- so I'm slowly easing back into things. Here's a few items I missed that I thought were especially modern and fabulous:

- The Rock is newly single...and conveniently for him, my number happens to be listed. [Rod 2.0]
- The new Noah's Arc: Season 2 DVD set has some very, very special features. Mmmm. [New Now Next]
- And now...the fugliest gay blogger in existence. His toenails make me retch. But not as much as his writing does. [Vividblurry]
- Even if your name is stupid as hell, Charlz...I'll still let you make out with me. [Queerty]

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