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Sunday, June 10, 2007


ModMusic: Project Jenny, Project Jan

I got sent a copy of "320," the fab new single from Brooklyn's quirky electro-funksters Project Jenny, Project Jan, and it's already on rotation on my summer iPod mix. A witty, rump-shaking summer groove, "320" sounds like a salsa collaboration between Cake and Missy Elliott, dipped in the luscious electronic bleeps of Junior Senior and the lilting energy of The English Beat. Odd sure, but affecting, and thoroughly entertaining.

Project Jenny, Project Jan's new album, XOXOXOXOXO, doesn't drop until August, but I'm already hooked. Their MySpace page offers up a few tidbits from their 2005 EP, especially the fabulous ska-influenced "Negative," but the new album promises to be a leap forward in musicality and texture....retaining their distinct indie sensibilities, but with an understanding of pop, R&B and dance genres that will serve them well. Without a doubt, PJPJ are my favorite find of the season so far.

Watch The Video: "Negative", Project Jenny, Project Jan
Download: "320", Project Jenny, Project Jan
Visit: Official Site, My Space
Then Pre-Order: XOXOXOXOXO, Project Jenny, Project Jan

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