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Monday, June 18, 2007


ModMusic: Kelly Clarkson's "My December"

The upcoming album by Kelly Clarkson, evocatively titled My December, leaked all over the internet this past weekend, and it included some big surprises. This is, of course, the album famously shelved by producer Clive Davis, theoretically because it wasn't good enough; it also includes the much-maligned single "Never Again," which was deemed a failure despite reaching #8 on the charts. The media have run with the story that Clarkson's career is in a public relations nosedive, including last week's announcement of her tour postponement.

So perhaps the biggest surprise about My December is that it's a perfectly fine slice of pop-rock, revealing a continued artistic growth in the former American Idol princess. Sure, the album is dark; almost every song is about a tortured breakup, and the monolyrical content may grate on some. But like other great heartbroken albums -- think Marvin Gaye's Here, My Dear or Me'Shell NdegeOcello's Bitter -- it find a wide palette of pain to weave its musical magic on. The album's best track and new single, "Sober", uses the metaphor of alcoholism to great affect as a desperate attempt to break old patterns. But don't think there's nothing for Clarkson's adoring teen and twentysomething fans -- the catchy pop hooks of "One Minute," "Don't Waste Your Time," and "How I Feel" ensure that this still-developing artist will be on the pop charts for many years to come. The hype is bull, and the truth is right there, in the music. Buy it, and enjoy.

Watch The Video: "Never Again", Kelly Clarkson
Download: "Sober" and "One Minute", Kelly Clarkson
Visit: Official Site, My Space
Then Pre-Order: My December, Kelly Clarkson

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