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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


ModFab Poll: Your Favorite Sign of the Apocalypse

Please vote in the comments: among the following, which is the clearest evidence that civilization as we know it has come to an end?

OPTION ONE: Marc Forster, the fanciful, inconsistent, and slightly girly director of Finding Neverland and Stranger Than Fiction, has become the inexplicable choice to direct the next James Bond film. Which is almost as bad an idea as a remake of Rambo starring Hayden Christensen. The difference? I made up the Rambo thing. Am I pissed? You bet your ass.

OPTION TWO: New York City's Republican mayor, Mike Bloomberg, has changed his political party...and become an independent. Why? Because Mayor Mike wants to be President someday...and yes, next year would be just fine with him.

OPTION THREE: It seems that modern science is getting closer to finding the gay gene(s)...which means that a "cure" can't be far behind. (It apparently has something to do with our hair whorl.)



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