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Sunday, June 03, 2007


I'm Back!

And I'm really glad to be back! While the circumstances of my hastily-planned vacation from the blogosphere weren't very pleasant, it was wonderful to help Shannon plan the (unbelievably huge) funeral events for her beloved Patrick, and to see many members of our blog community rally round, including Queering The Apparatus, Toons 'N Tunes, Ed and Tony, Pressing The Flesh, and more. Death of a loved one is very tough, but the family-of-choice we've developed to support each other was inspiring to see.

I also have to thank PTF and especially Nathaniel, aka The Film Experience, who received a harried phone call from me (while I was already on a train headed south!) asking him to guest blog until I returned...and he did a fabulous job of keeping the site open with daily content. If I already didn't owe him twenty gazillion favors, I would say I owe him one. Thanks...and great work at your own house of blogging, too!



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