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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Gyllenhaal Live! (And Other Excitements)

Stories making their way around the web today:

Jake Gyllenhaal may be coming to Broadway, in a new play called Farragut North about the 2004 Presidential campaign of Howard Dean. And while I'm thoroughly ecstatic about the possibility of seeing our darling Jakey 8 times a week next season, I wonder if Jakey knows that Dean threw the gay community under the bus yesterday. Not so Brokeback now, are we?

The ModFab offices are totally abuzz about Rick and Steve, LOGO's new animated series from ModFab pal Q. Allan Brocka. The trailer somehow manages to be both adorable and naughty all at once. And that's not even mentioning the cartoon's impressive lineup of talent, including Alan Cumming (Cabaret), Margaret Cho (Revolution), Peter Paige (Queer As Folk), Wilson Cruz (Noah's Arc) and songs by the creators of the Broadway hit Avenue Q. I think I'm already in love, and Rick and Steve doesn't begin airing until July.

Now that the Tonys are over, it's kind of dead out there for theatre lovers. Most of the big new shows won't open until next October, and we've already seen Spring Awakening, like, 17 times. What's a slightly-horny, culture-loving girl to do? Oh wait, I have an idea...

I've been quoted before as saying that I believe the most beautiful woman in the world is Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai...and next season, I'll get to see her gorgeous eyes and mischievous smile every week, when she joins the cast of NBC's Heroes. She'll play Muhinder's sister, with superpowers of her own. Woo hoo!

More scary shit from Mitt "Switch-hitter" Romney...he's taken the lead in New Hampshire.

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