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Friday, June 22, 2007


Consider Them Lowered (Like My Pants)

LifeClever offers great advice to bloggers on fighting off writers' block. His first tip? "Lower your standards." HA HA HA! My question: how much lower to the cultural gutter can I get, dude? I'm already scraping my belly on the aesthetic pavement.

So in an effort to educate, inspire and amuse, here are ModFab's Ways To Combat Blog Writers' Block:

1) Write what you know. And if you know nothing, write television recaps.
2) Allow plenty of non-blogging time for cultural pursuits. Like porn.
3) Can't think of anything to write about? No matter how blocked you are, you can always make fun of Perez Hilton.
4) Readers care very little about your problems with your girlfriend. They will care a great deal, however, if you post semi-nude photos of her on MySpace.
5) Link to other bloggers. Start with ModFab. Repeat daily.
6) If you're cutting-and-pasting from other sites, make sure to quote your source. Because we know you're not literate enough to sound like Slate.com, Shakespeare.
7) When in doubt, post an old picture of Jake Gyllenhaal shirtless. Guaranteed traffic!
8) What is Towleroad writing about today? Perhaps you could re-post it on your own site...just like every other gay blog on the planet.
9) Sell out to BlogAds. The pressure to make money off of what is essentially a hobby will cure writers' block immediately.
10) Is it August yet? Time to start prepping those irritating "Best of 2007" lists for December!

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