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Monday, June 04, 2007


A Blog Birthday

Three years ago, Modern Fabulousity burst forth into the world, naked, alone, and horny with a dream. Back then, I had no idea what this community would mean to me...or how much you would enjoy my predilections for soft-core gay porn, theatre gossip, and K-Fed jokes. But it's proven to be successful...at the end of ModFab's first year, I thanked every one of the site's 32,000 visitors; the second year leaped to 500,000, a total I never imagined possible. I'm happy to say that ModFab recently passed its 2,000,000 visitor...and that's without ever sucking on the bloated teats of Perez Hilton or the stylishly drab pecs of Andy Towle. So thank you, dear Reader, for making this blog a little sexier every time you come around. You are the reason we exist, and the reason we keep at it...the wind beneath our skirt. See you tomorrow for Year Four.



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